Interactive intelligence

As technology advances, we have been missing one thing that is a universal need. That is the need to connect and communicate on a personal level. We not only have the capability to create the artificial intelligence engine, we can also attach a face to it so you can begin to develop a bond with your consumers.

Artificial Intelligence combined with holographic terminals or mobile applications is the next wave of the consumer experience and customer service, and we are at the forefront.

Holographic Terminals

Virtual Humans for Retail, Airports, Hotels, Lobbies, Cities, and Events

Improve your customers experience with virtual humans who can work 24/7. Whether you need a virtual assistant, host, tour guide, check-in person, receptionist or greeter, we have the technical capabilities to bridge the gap between technology and human interaction.

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Mobile Virtual Humans

Virtual Doctors, Nurses, Assistants, Tour Guides, and Concierges

Here are the facts. The ideal online customer service experience is live chat. According to a Forrester Research report, 60% of customers say they’d more likely return to a site if the company offered live chat. At the same time, consumers are going beyond need satisfaction and looking to build emotional connections with brands. The artificial intelligence engines we use, along with the software communication protocols developed to integrate with a 3D character or personality, solves the gap in the consumer experience and can finally put a face to a name and help rebuild the connection that technology has taken away and that consumers are looking for.

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24/7 Customer Service Support

Improve the Customer Experience

Increase Sales

Increase Profits and Efficiency

Increase Retention and Loyalty

Increase Customer Engagement