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Neweb Labs develops your brand’s notoriety in any field
Do you want to make a lasting impression? Communicate a message that will be remembered? Holograms are your number 1 asset to stand out and generate word of mouth.

Holograms will :

Nos hologrammes sont faits pour captiver et fidéliser vos auditoires !

Creator of custom-made holograms

Each projector has its own type of hologram

Discover our selection of hologram projectors

Holo fan

Do you want to present your products and attract customers? Benefit from a portable and compact installation with a striking effect.


You have medium or large-scale installations. The Holowall is a scalable system that adapts to the projection you want.


Aim for giant holographic projections of high quality with a completely bluffing 3D effect.


Highlight your brand, product or message with the Holocube, a 3D projection platform that adapts to any environment.

Holo Pyramid

Ideal technology for 270-degree viewing. Allows digital images to interact with your physical product.


Amaze and tell fantastic stories with outdoor holographic projections on a giant water wall.

We are at your side during creation

Production and installation and bring your wildest ideas to life

Real-time holographic experiences

Accessible technologies and budgets

A custom content creation service

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3d modeling and animation

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Motion capture

Projection and mapping

Real-time 3D rendering

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