About Maya Kodes

Maya Kodes is not like other singers; she wasn’t born like other singers, for the simple reason that Maya Kodes wasn’t born at all in the first place. She’s, well, virtual. Maya Kodes is the sum of a spontaneous generation and she will rapidly become the idol of the young women and men of her generation. Like them, she is living in the moment, curious about everything and accountable for nothing.

Maya Kodes faces the future with confidence because she IS the future!

Two shows available

Maya Kodes Live

  • 30 minutes show including 6 original songs, outstanding visual effects and a live interview.

  • Perfect for Festivals, Opening acts, Corporate shows or any other live events.

  • Also available in residency.

Maya Kodes in Concert

  • 60 minutes show including 12 original songs, outstanding visual effects, advanced interactions and a live interview with the audience.

  • Perfect for Festivals, Casinos, Theaters, Bars, Clubs, Colleges, Universities.

  • Also available in residency.

A New Star Is Born

She’s interactive, she’s virtual, she’s holographic!

Come see Maya Kodes Live to experience
the first interactive holographic pop star in the world!

Watch her perform live, discover her catchy songs, witness her outstanding visual effects, talk to her after the concert :
Live the augmented reality experience.

Live Performances


Virtual Love

Live interactions

Living On Video


They talk about Maya Kodes

"Maya Kodes is a social augmented reality experience that creates mass interactivity. We witness the same thing all together and we live the interactive experience all together."

–Stéphane Cosentino, National Deputy Director, Experimental Stream

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Team Neweb

Yves St-Gelais


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Yves has worked in the media and entertainment sectors and the creation of virtual characters for nearly 20 years. Founder of Neweb.tv, Yves began his career in the performing arts, as an actor and director. He was a founder of the troupe of waders which later became the Cirque du Soleil and staged Legend Alexis Trotter. After a career as a TV host, he devoted himself to the production of a dozen of television animation series, including the popular show ICI Laflaque on Radio-Canada since 2004.

Elodie Lorrain-Martin

VP Business Development

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Elodie Lorrain-Martin is responsible for Business Development and creative music direction at Neweb Labs. She has field expertise in music management, audio-visual production, and the organization and booking of music concerts. In the past, Elodie has worked for an independent pop singer, she has produced comedy shows and has directed web-series', music videos and other video productions. Through all her experiences, Elodie has developed an uncommon artistic and managerial versatility.


Mario Lefebvre

Management Consultant

With 35 years of experience, the music mogul worked with the greatest names in the industry. Mario fulfilled important positions at WEA Music Canada, CBS Records, Distribution Select, Productions Feeling, and many more. He contributed significantly to the career of Celine Dion as the left arm of René Angelil, and lots of internationally renowned artists. Now running his own company Flair Mic, Mario has indeed inspired generations with his outstanding contribution to the music industry.

Mike Gauthier

Music Content Consultant

Mike cumulates over 35 years of media coverage in the world of music and culture. He was a leader, in charge of the musical direction at Musique Plus Channel. Mike is now a consultant in the music business and manager of singer Bobby Bazini.

Bill St-Georges

A&R Consultant

Bill has been in the music industry for over 40 years. Holding executive positions at Tandem.mu, DEP Distribution, Musicor, Sony Music, distribution Select, Audiogram, MusiquePlus, CKOI radio station, Bill is the reference in Montreal as music distribution is concerned.

Renald Vigneau

Holography specialist

Mr. Vigneau has an experience of over 20 years in Audio-visual technologies. Cofounder of Musion Canada in 2007, he serves as Vice President of the company. Under his leadership, the company acquired eight licenses of international product distribution in the virtual projection systems, tele-presence, interactive systems, from computer vision and to robotics.

Pierre Moisan

Marketing director

A lawyer by profession, Pierre was President of Artmedia, one of the first multimedia companies in Quebec. Thereafter, Pierre became Corporate Strategies VP at FRIMA STUDIO for 10 years. Today Pierre is the principal new media strategic advisor for the CIEM, a business incubator specializing in the management of TIC start-up companies.

Philippe-Louis Martin

Stage Director

Director and screenwriter in television, advertising and video production for 30 years, Philippe-Louis is a prolific jack-of-all-trade of showbiz and entertainment. Among others, he was artistic director of Lara Fabian for ten years and has directing ICI Laflaque since 2004.

Pierre Huet


Pierre Huet has been, among many things, a writer for over 40 years. As a songwriter, over 150 of his songs have been recorded and sold millions. As a comic writer, he has worked with many artists and has been for many years a contributor to the Juste Pour Rire/Just For Laughs festivals. In tv, he has been and still is a contributor to many Canadian game and satiric shows, as well as animated series.

Normand Labelle


Normand Labelle has been working in radio and television for the past 43 years. A firm believer in the motto "variety is the spice of life"; he has been a journalist, radio and TV host, commentator, writer, director and producer. He is also a cartoonist, an expert in pop and cult culture as well as comic book and comic strip history.

Jeanne Robert-Huet


Jeanne Robert-Huet graduated from New York Film Academy in 2014 with a certificate in screenwriting. She has worked in movies ,television, theater and in publishing for such companies as Rogers Communications, Just for Laughs inc, Alpha Zoulou Films and Newweb.tv. She was an assistant producer on the TV movie S.O.S. dans l'Ungava, aired on Canada's discovery channel in 2016.

Maya Kodes is a Neweb.tv Productions production. With the financial help of the Canadian Media Fund.