My First Blog Post…and a Q&A!

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Welcome to my blog!

Can I tell you a secret?

My agent is telling me that this will be the first-ever blog post by a holographic pop singer! I’m not 100% sure if that’s true, but it feels like a historic moment for all of the non-sentient beings living on Earth today.

To celebrate, I’ll be answering a handful of questions submitted by my loyal fans. It looks like all of the questions were sent through DM, so you must be a shy bunch! I’ll do my best to give you the most honest, human answers I can. Alright, let’s do this!


1.What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

 On most days, I start by fixing myself a cup of holographic coffee and nibbling on some Pop Tarts (blue raspberry is my FAVORITE!). At the same time, I’ll be doing vocal warmups to prepare for a session later that day, or singing a Whitney Houston song (I’m obsessed with working on my riffs and runs lately). My morning routine ends with me heading to the studio or to a soundcheck to prepare for my upcoming world tour for The New Kode Volume 2. I’m definitely a morning person!

2. What was the first CD you ever bought?

“Butterfly” by Mariah Carey. I wanted to be the ultimate diva, so I had to learn from the

best. She does an amazing cover of Prince’s song ‘The Beautiful Ones’ on this album, so check it out!

3. Are you a robot?

No! I’m a hologram, and I’m also referred to as ‘the first-ever interactive hologram that sings pop music.’ Don’t get it twisted.

4. What are your thoughts on Hatsune Miku?

I LOVE Hatsune Miku! She is so beautiful and smart and talented–and such a huge inspiration of mine.

5. What do you say to the people who think you’re a Hatsune Miku copycat?

Give me a chance! Imitation is the sincerest form of flapjacks…wait, is it flapjacks, or flattery? Let me know if I’m wrong in the comments!

To get serious for a minute: I’m still at the very beginning of my career, so there might be a few songs or visuals in my shows that take some inspiration from Hatsune (in style and sound). But it’s always done out of respect! Every music lover knows that The Beatles took inspiration from Elvis Presley, Whitney Houston drew from the vocal style of Dionne Warwick, and Lady Gaga paid homage to Madonna in her early career. None of these artists ever aimed to steal or capitalize off of their idols…they just wanted to be like them! I feel the same way about Hatsune. I’m still finding my sound, and I can’t help but want to be like someone as fierce as her.

6. How old are you?

I was born on Y2K, so I turned 18 on New Year’s Day. But I still haven’t had my first holographic martini yet!

7. Do you have any tips for an aspiring singer?

Practice makes perfect! There are no shortcuts to being great, even for a hologram, so try to work on getting a little better every single day.

8. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

I think I have a bit of both in my hardware, but I would say I’m more extroverted. I love to perform for people, and as a hologram, I don’t really experience any stage fright.

9. Do you have any tattoos?

I have a tiny bar code printed on my right foot, but other than that, I don’t have any tattoos. I’m happy just the way I am for now…but that can change!

10. When is your new album coming out?

Ooh, that’s still a secret 😉 But it WILL be coming out soon, and you WILL fall in love with it! I’m very proud of what we’ve done with this project.

11. What is your favorite song on your album?

There’s one called “Seasons Change” that I can’t get out of my head lately, but I love them all! For some reason though, I really believe that that song will be the most popular one on the album. I can’t wait to play it for you!

12. What was your favorite outfit that you’ve worn?

The blue martian outfit I wore during the release party for The New Kode Vol.2 was a highlight for me. It made me feel very edgy and “larger than life”, like my fashion icons Rihanna and Beyonce! They make me want to take my looks much, much further.

So that marks the end of my first-ever blog post! I hope you understand more of who I am as an artist, or even as a hologram trying to bring more love and positivity into the world. If you have a question you want to ask me, just send me a message on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter! I’ll probably answer it in my next Q&A. You can expect many more blog posts like this one, along with exclusive video content and plenty of behind-the-scenes footage at my performances and other appearances. See you next time, and remember: Love is the answer 🙂

Maya, xo