We don’t just say we are the best, the Academy Awards©, The Guinness Book of World Records and The Gemeaux Awards agree with us. Members of our team have provided training to companies like Cirque du Soleil and Ubisoft. Famous CG characters such as Mickey Mouse and Batman rely on technologies created by our partner in order to entertain audiences world-wide. One of us even has an Academy Award® under our belt for Outstanding Visual Effects, for the TV series “Lost”.

Another is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for the fastest TV animated show production, script to screen, and received a Gemeaux Award for Best Animated TV Series, for “Le Journul de François Pérusse.”

Live 3D Animation

Neweb Labs has more than 20 years of experience in 2D and 3D animation. From keyframing to motion capture, traditional animation is no secret to Neweb Labs. We have spent years in research and development in order to develop a proprietary pipeline that will allow us to perform live 3D animation with flawless execution.

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Character Design

Neweb Labs has a strong team of award-winning artists working on character designs. Whether you want a photo-realistic, a caricature or a cartoony-type of character, we have experts for each style. The realistic recreation of human facial expression is paramount to believable, life-like animation. Because our characters are mostly designed for live performances, we have created a Universal Chart of 75 facial expressions in conjunction with the National Research Council of Canada that are ready for any type of performance, making for an extremely realistic experience.

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Live Holographic Performances For Concerts, Festivals, Award Shows, Ceremonies, Grand Openings, And Events

We are the first company to offer live interactive 3D characters or personalities for any type of event. Your 3D character, or any personality you desire, can now interact with the crowd and the people on stage during the show. This interactivity creates a unique, unforgettable experience that will have people talking for days.

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Graffiti Artist: Activations At Trade Shows, Events, Retail, Conferences, Product Launches, And Festivals

Graffiti artist performs holographic 3D light painting in real-time for your entertainment. While our professional graffer will lead the way, everybody can play around with the holographic 3D light painting and broadcast their talent to the world. It’s the perfect interactive activity you can get to have your audience engage with your brand.

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Facebook or You Tube Live Performances

Break through the clutter and create that emotional connection so pertinent to obtaining brand loyalty and retention. By developing a 3D character and leveraging motion capture technology, we can help provide an interactive experience for Facebook or You Tube Live Campaigns where your customer can interact with your brand.

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Holographic Terminals: Activations at Trade Shows, Events, Retail, Conferences, Product Launches, and Festivals

From holographic product demos’ to holographic soccer and karaoke with celebrities, the only limit is our imagination. Brands who have leveraged this technology have seen increases in sales upwards of 60% compared to where no holographic display was placed.

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Artificial Intelligence

As technology advances, we have been missing one thing that is a universal need. That is the need to connect and communicate on a personal level. Artificial intelligence combined with holographic terminals or mobile applications is the next wave of the customer service experience, and we are at the forefront. Whether you need a virtual assistant, host, tour guide, check-in person, receptionist, or greeter, or want to capture data or communicate with your customers via mobile applications, we have the technical capabilities to bridge the gap between technology and human interaction.

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