About Maya Kodes

Maya Kodes is not like other singers; she wasn’t born like other singers, for the simple reason that Maya Kodes wasn’t born at all in the first place. She’s, well, virtual. Maya Kodes is the sum of a spontaneous generation and she will rapidly become the idol of the young women and men of her generation. Like them, she is living in the moment, curious about everything and accountable for nothing.

Maya Kodes faces the future with confidence because she IS the future!

Two shows available

Maya Kodes Live

  • 30 minutes show including 6 original songs, outstanding visual effects and a live interview.
  • Perfect for Festivals, Opening acts, Corporate shows or any other live events.
  • Also available in residency.

Maya Kodes in Concert

  • 60 minutes show including 12 original songs, outstanding visual effects, advanced interactions and a live interview with the audience. 
  • Perfect for Festivals, Casinos, Theaters, Bars, Clubs, Colleges, Universities. 
  • Also available in residency.

A new star is born

She’s interactive, she’s virtual, she’s holographic!



Come see Maya Kodes Live to experience
the first interactive holographic pop star in the world!



Watch her perform live, discover her catchy songs, witness her outstanding visual effects, talk to her after the concert :
Live the augmented reality experience.



Live performances


Virtual Love

Live interactions

Living on video


They talk about Maya Kodes

"Maya Kodes is a social augmented reality experience that creates mass interactivity. We witness the same thing all together and we live the interactive experience all together."

–Stéphane Cosentino, National Deputy Director, Experimental Stream CBC News

Maya Kodes is a Productions production. With the financial help of the Canadian Media Fund



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Open your mind to virtual.

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