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Virtual production is a creative and iterative process that enables production studio to control the time and cost of production. 

Neweb Labs offers the technology, VFX expertise and virtual production project coordination to bring your virtual production to life. Delivering real-time visualization, motion capture technology, hybrid camera synchronization, and live-action footage of virtual sets and VFX for LED walls, we help your team bring their wildest imaginings to life.

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    Virtual cinematography

    Real-time rendering capabilities give you the ability to visualize your final shots while still in the studio, then re-imagine, change, re-shoot your story on-the-fly. Virtual production eliminates the need for lengthy post-production. Change the background, the lighting, the whole scene. Do it now. See the results all while still on set.

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    Live or pre-recorded broadcast

    Neweb Labs has expertise in a myriad of virtual offerings. Create and animate virtual humans, augment live content, overlay animation, or provide LED wall content. Offer the latest technologies, graphics capabilities and visualization techniques, we blend live with virtual to help you bring your audience a seamless dynamic content experience.

    Live or pre-recorded events

    Build a virtual environment you’ve imagined or rebuild a real-life environment in 3D to merge with virtual content, then make it look real.  Neweb Labs provides the technologies and tools to create seamless live or pre-recorded events in virtual production.

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    Two realities superposed

    Neweb Labs integrates scenes and live-action with augmented reality, CGI and game engine technologies, so your audience never questions where reality meets the illusion. We make the unimaginable hyper-real.

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    Traditional pipeline reinvented

    We create virtual sets and enable streamlined workflows that are transforming filmaking, content creation and advertising. Our production pipeline is designed to ensure collaborative experience for both the team and the client.


    "Virtual production is a game changer in the industry. You’ll finally spend where it matters the most: the art of storytelling”

    Yves St-Gelais - CEO Neweb Labs


    Make real-time artistic decisions

    With our set of technologies and expertise, you can easily merge live video shooting footage and computer graphics (3D / CGI) together, at once to get real-time opinions and feedback.


    Avoid post-prod uncertainties

    Instead of spending months with dozens of visual effects artists trying to finalize a shot after filming, decide exactly what you want to be delivered and depicted ahead of time.


    Spend where it matters the most

    This live filming technique and production process impose a new way of collaborating on a story. Reduce travel + post-production costs by making decisions directly on set to streamline the entire process.


    Featured services


    3D modeling

    We build your 3D CGI assets library such as characters, objects, and any other elements to complement your artistic direction for your movie, show or broadcast TV event.


    Camera sync & tracking

    We operate the latest camera tracking solutions: image sync, zoom-focus data processing, and deliver seamless integration of live action and real-time 3D graphics in UE4.



    We offer CG previs-postvis using Unreal Engine to generate either pre-rendered or post-visualization content that is more complex and dense than in the past.


    Virtual sets & simulcam

    We merge CG characters and environmements into your live action and physical decor.


    Real-time mocap

    We digitally record detailed human performance (body & face) in our portable mocap studio using the latest technologies.




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