Sandoz corporate annual event enhanced with interactive entertainment


Sandoz Canada


Virtual humans, Maya Kodes™, Talking Head™


Centre des Sciences de Montréal


Corporate + Pharmaceuticals

The context

In preparation for Sandoz Canada's end of year events organized for their thousand employees, Neweb Labs created and produced a series of interactive “stunts” and “activations” to liven up their gala evening.


The concept

Maya Kodes™, the virtual holographic singer produced by Neweb Labs, co-hosted the entire evening’s Gala alongside the President of the group, and she also performed a number of her signature songs on stage. In addition to this holographic performance by the pop singer Vocaloid, a virtual concierge greeted the audience at the entrance to the event. Named Edouard, this virtual assistant and entertainer (Talking Head™) interacted and amused crowds while providing insightful information about the company.


The tech



Installation of a holographic theater with Holonet.


Talking head™

Installation of the Talking Head™ interactive screen.

"Maya received a tremendous amount of applause and reaction (WOW was often heard when she appeared and throughout the evening). They were all very impressed and delighted!"

Michel Robidoux - CEO, Sandoz Canada

“The team behind it all did a phenomenal job and are passionate. They were dedicated to producing a quality show. WELL DONE!"

Isabelle Troitzky - Executive Director, Communications Sandoz Canada

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