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Fifth Wall


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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia



The context

Future Investment Initiative (FII) was launched as an international platform for a series of conferences moderated by experts, investors, innovators, governments, and economic leaders. 

The inaugural event invited over 3,800 attendees from over 90 countries to join in discussions and debates that explored a range of topics, including future developments in the global economy, investment trends in areas such as energy and infrastructure, and new areas of economic growth such as artificial intelligence and robotics.

For the occasion, we produced and implemented three Talking Head ™ solutions for 10 days in Riyadh.


The concept

We have supported Fifth Wall by creating and producing virtual humans.

With the support of Fifth Wall, we produced and implemented three Talking Head ™ solutions for the event.

Arabic-speaking characters produced and animated in real-time interacted for 10 days with forum participants while giving interviews to national and international media.

The tech


Talking head™

The characters were animated by real-time facial motion capture using a custom-made helmet equipped with a three-dimensional camera. 

The character was displayed on a 70 inch TV positioned in a vertical portrait mode.  GoPro type cameras, as well as microphones were used to generate two-way communication between our characters and the actors, hidden in a room over 30 feet away.

3800 participants interacted with our Talking Heads and many interviews were organized with international media.



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