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The context

Studio Grande, Kelvin, and Neweb Labs teamed up to create a short format video using a new virtual production pipeline.


The concept

The idea behind the video was to illustrate the potential of virtual productions for the film, television, and advertising industry by simply showing how an environment can change in real-time by seamlessly blending the virtual and the real world.

The objective was to ensure perfect synchronization of the cameras, the quality of keying, including the setting of parallaxes, shading, and brightness of the environments.

The toolset


Virtual production

New by definition, virtual production must deal with a set of techniques and technological tools to allow good synchronization of the virtual environment with the real physical world. As part of this short format video that took place in a studio with a curved panoramic LED screen, we decided to use Display with Optitrack to track the camera and have the lens and distortion corrections.

All the elements of the three-dimensional virtual environment were created with Quixel. The Previs as well as the real-time rendering were performed on the Unreal Engine game engine. An application for the control of light and reflection has been developed which is controlled from an iPad tablet.





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