Remember the game The Sims. Most players have discovered a passion for creating characters that look like them physically and then create a house that looks like theirs.

Personally, I spent hours doing it.

And, let's face it, when we were done with our creation and it was time to play, we turned off our computer.

We had spent so much time making our families and our homes that the rest of the game suddenly didn't interest us.

This passion for creating characters is part of the journey of a virtual reality enthusiast, just like we are at Neweb Labs!

Do you want to develop a forward-thinking aspect within your company?

This new world of virtual reality is expanding and you will gain trying the experience with us.

Creating a virtual character is possible with the help of interactive mixed reality technologies.

These technologies allow us to create photorealistic virtual characters that look like real people.

Then, we can animate these characters using connected screens or mobile applications to bring them to life in hologram form.

This allows us to create new and innovative ways to connect with our target audiences, during events, social interactions or any other marketing activation.

By creating virtual influencers for our business, we can create powerful connections with our target audience.

What a great way to promote our products or services in a different and original way. 😃

How to define a virtual influencer?

I’m sure you already know the concept of an influencer. Even recently, they have been talked about by acting crazy on board a plane in the middle of a pandemic.

Influencers are best known in digital marketing for making a lot of noise around a brand and making it stand out.

Companies hire them for their exuberant side. They get noticed and that's what we want for our products.

Nowadays, we see a new phenomenon appear: virtual influencers

Virtual influencers are characters created by using imaging and animation software. They can be given a humanoid form or made into a cartoon-like character.

His appearance will then be the basis of his personality, which can be noticed on social media.

Yes again, we want an influencer who gets noticed. After all, that's their main interest when they're not fooling around on an airplane. 🤪

These influential virtual humans embody sprezzatura: the art of making something highly planned seem spontaneous and laid-back.

We therefore create an influencer from scratch through the expertise of professionals in the virtual world. That's us! 🤓

Your new virtual influencer can therefore be used to promote your brand out of the ordinary and is a great way to reach your audience!

The resemblance between these fictional characters and humans is often so striking that it is sometimes difficult to tell them apart.

On Instagram, the accounts of virtual influencers are very similar to those of ordinary influencers: Selfies, trips, look of the day. They have their own life and we hide to follow them.

These robots share their daily lives on social networks, perfectly mastering what makes them an influence.

Nowadays, more and more brands prefer to rely on these fictional characters which provide many benefits rather than human content creators. They have the advantage of technology and the diva fits of human influencers are often avoided.


From virtual character to influencer on social networks: The case of Bermuda


virtual influencer

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This is Bermuda. She is a 3D virtual character with a growing number of followers on Instagram, which she joined in 2016.

Bermuda has become an online influencer due to her engaging and curiosity-inducing social media posts.

Her followers love her style, which she demonstrates through her photos posted on Instagram. Her greatest particularity: She is a musician!

We can also notice that Bermuda is often in the company of Lil Miquela, another virtual influencer on Instagram. Lil Miquela has more than 3 million subscribers!

Believe it or not, Bermuda is nearing 300,000 followers today and she's now an Instagram verified account, just like the biggest celebrities are. Putting a blue check mark signals reliability, respect and achievement.

Basically, she has all the advantages of a human influencer without the diva side. 🤣


Virtual humans, your new marketing tool

When it comes to building a brand, many people think you have to make a physical presence.

But, in the digital age, there are more options than ever for businesses of all sizes and locations.

One of these options is to hire virtual influencers to help promote your brand.

In a world where people are spending more and more time on social media, it's no surprise that businesses are looking for new and innovative ways to reach their target audience.

Virtual influencers offer a unique way to do this!

Virtual influencers are all the rage right now, and for good reason. They offer a unique way to connect with your customers and create a more personal connection with them.

Moreover, the fact that they are becoming more and more realistic is so impressive that users of social networks are all curious to analyze the details that make them charming.

By having a virtual human, you will have complete control over how they look and what they exude. You can therefore ensure that he exudes a lot of self-confidence, which can often be lacking in human beings.

To give you a little idea, virtual influencers have almost three times higher engagement rates than real influencers, due to their unique way of connecting with the audience.

Their strong visual value makes them distinguishable from humans when scrolling through a standard social feed, and they are more likely to attract you.

For this reason, large companies associate with them in order to promote their brands, such as Calvin Klein, which produced an advertising video with Lil Miquela accompanied by Bella Hadid.

We can also notice the different partnerships of virtual influencers among their publications on Instagram with the hashtag Ad.


virtual influencer

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Five benefits of virtual influencers

Better engagement rate

As we have seen above, the content distributed by a virtual influencer would be three times more attractive than the content shared by a traditional influencer.

Indeed, their difference is attractive and therefore attracts users of social networks.

These virtual robots are more engaging even though their lives are entirely staged.

Forward-thinking brand image

Using the virtual world is a great opportunity for brands that want to bring out modernity and forward-thinking.

Using a virtual influencer to advertise creates a sense of rarity and exclusivity, which is appealing to our audience.

Effective collaborations

Virtual influencers, you guessed it, don't have a specific need to satisfy. We can make them work 24/7, without them being exhausted like a human being.

By using fictitious avatars, we can advertise effectively, reliably and quickly.

Content control

By working with virtual influencers, brands now have access to endless possibilities for digital marketing content.

They can make their ideas come to life the way they want.

Reputation control

The fact that the image of a virtual influencer is controlled by someone makes it possible to avoid all the mistakes that will make the character and the brand a bad reputation.

The reputation of a company will therefore never be damaged by the deviant behavior of a human being.

If his actions are well thought out, the virtual influencer can be more than perfect.

Join the movement

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