So what is live events in a metaverse?? It's an epic event in a virtual universe. People are also attending virtually.


It's not too different than in real life. Except that usually people stay home to watch TV or go to the movies. And there, they find themselves virtually witnessing live an event that takes place in a metaverse.


But how can we attend it live? What if we don't have an internet connection?


That, I don't know. But what is a metaverse?? And how to attend a live event?


A metaverse is a virtual universe where you can do lots of different things. Aside from war, there are plenty of activities happening in the Metaverse that are very interesting. There are economic activities, there are practically more scientific activities, there are artistic activities. Metaverses have an economy, so one can have virtual money to buy virtual things. And the virtual world is complex enough that you can create things that serve no purpose other than beauty.


With this sum of new possibilities, the virtual world seems to some to be full of promise: it seems to offer access to experiences still unknown to humans, to their imagination, to their creativity, to their intelligence, to their senses... It seems to exist an infinity of possible ways to explore the virtual world and to be able to live there...


Such promises have enabled entrepreneurs to obtain capital to develop the technologies of the future, like Elon Musk, the founder of Space X, who developed an electric rocket system.


Who can benefit from a Live Events in the Metaverse?


Boom, but who wants that, a place online? What does it eat in winter if you compare to classic events?


First off, no matter the temperature or the season, you can have your event. How many events have been canceled due to bad weather? We can control the temperature in the metaverse!


It's good for people who live far away too! No need to go to the metropolis: everyone can have remote access.


For live event entrepreneurs, it drastically increases profits too! Think about it: thousands of watts of sound laid out on a huge performance site that must accommodate thousands of people at the same time!


It will reduce the risk of show organizers!


... and for you spectator, you can attend the show in your favorite sweatpants! Isn't that amazing enough?


The end of these geographical limitations mean that you can attend a concert hosted in France from Quebec directly!


Even more, the decor you want is available. The concert makes you travel through the galaxies? Check.


The concert is given in a soap bubble? Check.


On the back of a giant elephant? Again.


You get the idea. The only limit is the imagination of the organizers. It just opened so many doors to live events!


Your avatar will have a great time!! Want to create your avatar?



The disadvantages of live events in the metaverse?


Well, first thing in mind: fatigue. I don't know about you, but when I stare at my screen for too long, my eyes hurt. Imagine a show with lots of colors everywhere. It makes your head spin!!


Also, obviously, you don't have the crowd. THE CROWD. This is the major point. It's ELECTRIFYING to experience something similar in the same place as other fans. Emotion is transmitted in a physical live event. I don't know if it's possible in the metaverse, maybe one day who knows?


Have you ever tried to throw yourself into the crowd to be carried on your back by the fans? Yeah, well we're not there yet. THE good news is that the experience will be more and more complete with devices to stimulate our touch, smell, taste...


Virtual events have improved HUGE in the last few years, but it's still very difficult to have an event as big as real life right now. Stadiums of 100,000 people exist all over our physical world, but in reality it's harder to replicate digitally.


The Travis Scott concert (12 million attendees) was separated into several different worlds. So we had a huge number of worlds that contained a few hundred people in each. It's not bad, but if we want to build a better experience, we have to find a way to bring everyone together in the same world.


So, we've done the trick. Live Events in the Metaverse have HUGE potential! With the evolution of technology, we will see more and more epic events! Each year, spectator records will be shattered and we will be able to appreciate the show more and more as if we were there for real!