If you frequent Unreal Engine communities on social media, you've probably heard the term 'Metahuman' several times a day in addition to seeing photos and videos of people's creations. So what is '' Metahuman creator''?


What is Metahuman creator?


Let’s dive in.


Metahuman creator is the world's most advanced video game character creation application! It uses artificial intelligence algorithms to allow users to achieve hyper-realistic rendering. The software produces extremely detailed 3D and 2D images, the quality of which is very close to those found in the most recent video games.


Based on the analysis of millions of photos of people, Metahuman is able to identify the facial features that define a human head and he can reproduce them identically. In addition, the software is able to create textures of extreme quality using an artificial intelligence algorithm that results in ultra-realistic textures.


This technology provides a response to all needs in terms of digital human creation, in different areas: video games, films and the development of special projects. This new software supports the company’s presence in the film and video game market.


The human character creation tool, which has been in development for over three years, was designed to provide customers with a complete and reliable solution. He is able to create human characters from any image source: portrait, photo, screenshot ...


Thanks to its modularity, it allows you to work on images of different resolutions, especially those from video games.


For each new head, the software defines a genealogy that ensures consistency in the features of the character, whether it is created from a photo of an actor, a capture of a 3D model or 'an image made in 3D.


The software is able to generate facial expressions from a database and define facial features with the profile and morphology of the chosen model.


Finally, the software can adapt the clothes to the morphology of the character so that they stick perfectly to his body.

How is it different?


If we compare Metahuman creator to other authoring software, what is different?


One term: machine learning.


To build a realistic representation, Metahuman creator uses artificial intelligence. Face mixtures give believable results, because Metahuman creator has analyzed millions of faces of real people to recreate a realistic face.

Chris Evans, the lead technical animator explains it like this:


"If you move something on your face, the software will search a huge database for different facial features to give you an anatomically realistic configuration."


Ready for action


It's incredible.


The virtual human creates, we can animate it immediately.


When the avatar is finished, metahuman creator allows us to play pre-recorded animations from the main interface. It's kind of a preview that makes our character move to show us his facial reaction. It is excellent for adjusting our avatar.


It's also a way of showing us that the character is immediately animable!


It is possible, because the skeleton always remains the same. Regardless of the avatar, we move the standard skeleton all the time. The movement points are placed in the same way for everyone, it allows to have standard animations for everyone.


We can therefore directly go through the motion capture without having to take care of the animation steps!

Concretely, what does that change for you?


Several things.


The door is open to many more studios than ever before, and not just to specialist studios. Now all 3d creators can make realistic human easily and quickly.


So that means cheaper too. Metahuman creator allows you to skip all the time-consuming steps! Modeling, body rigging, facial and texturing are already done!


It is now even more efficient than buying a model already made on a 3D library and in addition, it is you who decide the head of the character. And we create it for you


Yesterday was long and expensive. Today, it's easy and affordable!


Here's a look at what you could do with your metahuman:


A virtual superstar;

A real estate agent who shows a house;

A clone of a historical figure in a movie;

A silhouette character for a product presentation;

Characters embodied by actors, in animated footage;

A doctor in a treatment protocol video.


And it goes much further ...

End thoughts


Metahuman creator is still in initial development. Epic (the company behind the product) admits they're a small team with a lot of work ahead of them. What they have created to date is an incredible tool. The best aspects of Metahuman creator are the easy integration with Unreal Engine and the ease of building a photorealistic avatar, ready to animate in minutes.

It's very promising, keep an eye out for this tool!